Brett Farbstein

Brett Farbstein

Company: Cannon Design

Job title: Associate Vice President - National Commissioning Services Leader & Resilient Design Champion


Fireside Chat: Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Commissioning Processes to Transform Building Lifecycles, From Design to Performance Enhancement 10:30 am

Exploring the extent to which AI can be utilized in commissioning, such as documentation creation and how much it will transform commissioning processes Transitioning towards smart buildings with self-correcting capabilities to reduce human intervention and maintain optimal building conditions Understanding what quality control measures should be implemented to protect yourself from potential AI mistakesRead more

day: Conference Day Two

Elevating Commissioning in a Commoditized Environment to Stand Out as Expert Partners 4:00 pm

In an era where commissioning practices are becoming more standardized and commoditized, distinguishing your unique value proposition is crucial to stand out in a highly competitive landscape. Gain valuable perspectives on differentiating your offerings, highlighting your organization’s distinctive advantages and navigating the challenges posed by an increasingly standardized commissioning environment. Emphasizing unique competitive advantages and…Read more

day: Pre-Conference Focus Day

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