Advancing Building Systems Commissioning Summit – What’s On?

Advancing Building Systems Commissioning is returning in 2024 as the latest edition in the Advancing Construction series. Whether you are an owner, contractor, designer or commissioning firm, this forum will be your best opportunity to come together with all project partners to address the most pressing challenges affecting how the commissioning industry is evolving in the face of more complex building systems, a dwindling workforce and changing regulations.


Whether attending as an owner, general contractor, trade partner, designer or commissioning firm, there are countless benefits to look forward to:


  • Gain strategic insights into optimizing project delivery throughout your project team to ensure your partners meet your expectations, every time.
  • Learn about risk mitigation strategies
  • Establish connections with industry professionals and find potential partners for future projects.

General Contractors

  • Gain a holistic understanding of commissioning to make informed decisions throughout the commissioning lifecycle through interconnected aspects of design, construction and system performance.
  • Work effectively with commissioning agents to improve QA/QC during construction .
  • Plan ahead to build in time for the commissioning process and implement effective commissioning in the field through streamlined communication.
  • Learn how to expand your commissioning service offering to potential owners to win more work and remain competitive.

Trade Partners

  • Become a subject matter expert and take ownership in the commissioning process to enhance overall acceptability and responsibility.
  • Build robust commissioning plans that understand specific integration points of a project to ensure systems are commissioned at the right stage.
  • Overcome siloed scopes and systems by working closely with project partners.
  • Learn how to expand your commissioning service offering to potential owners to win more work and remain competitive.


  • Understand the importance of integrating commissioning activities early in design to identify and rectify design flaws to minimize change orders.
  • Learn how to design with an emphasis on quality, considering the impact on construction schedules, constructability and installation.
  • Discover innovative technologies and tools to enhance the design-to-commissioning process.

Commissioning Firms

  • Differentiate your service offerings in a hyper-competitive environment.
  • Build the next generation of commissioning talent.
  • Harness the value delivered by your services through proactive issue resolution.
  • Gain experience in new market types to expand and scale your commissioning services for potential clients and contractors.