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Advancing Building Systems Commissioning Summit – What’s On?

Advancing Building Systems Commissioning 2023 was the inaugural conference dedicated to streamlining the commissioning process from schematic design through to operations handover.

Delivered by Owners, Contractors, Designers & Commissioning Agents, we were committed to giving you a comprehensive guidebook on how to optimize commissioning from the perspective of all project partners.

In 2023 we:


Ensured the right resources are dedicated to commissioning for a comprehensive, high quality commissioning process that guarantees project completion to the highest standard
Incorporated commissioning into the design phase of the project so the commissioning effort is prioritized right from project inception and to quash any red flags in the design
Learnt how to create and enforce a schedule that guarantees commissioning is accounted for throughout the project lifecycle, and by all project teams
Uncovered the most effective ways to coordinate and communicate with project teams during the design and construction to drive a collaborative effort in achieving commissioning excellence and keep the project team on track for successful completion
Understood more complex systems across a range of markets such as life sciences, data centers, healthcare, and more, for a diverse skillset that opens doors to new and exciting projects

...and more!

The construction industry is at a pivotal point right now with the rise of complex building systems.

Don’t miss this opportunity to seize this momentum by becoming the best in the game at building systems commissioning.