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7:00 am Check-In & Networking Breakfast

8:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

8:05 am Navigating the Landscape of Commissioning

8:10 am Comprehensively Understanding Commissioning to Increase Overall Project Success


  • Exploring factors driving the evolving demand for commissioning
  • Breaking down processes, from pre-construction to handover, to gain a holistic understanding of the commissioning process
  • Emphasizing the importance of commissioning, not just as quality assurance, but as a proactive element in ensuring project success

8:50 am Case Study: From Start to Finish: Harnessing the Principals of Lean to Enhance Project Team Collaboration & Commissioning Success

  • Kurt Neubek Vice President, Page Southerland Page, Inc.
  • Jonathan Vaughan Principal / Commissioning Director, Page Southerland Page, Inc.
  • Allie Jones Assistant Director Facilities Planning & Development, Texas Children's Hospital


  • Understanding the fundamentals of lean construction and how they connect to commissioning processes
  • Effectively embracing all pillars of lean to improve team building and establish a culture of respect and collaboration
  • Exploring how we implemented lean on our most recent Texas Children’s Hospital project to increase the success of quality and commissioning

9:30 am Optimizing Commissioning Through Proper Scope Management to Reduce Gaps in Scope & Fee to Minimize Rework, Saving Cost & Time

  • Jeff Rosado Senior Commissioning Agent and Project Manager, Morrison Hershfield


  • Incorporating commissioning-based specs and requirements into the scope of all project partners to ensure systems are commissionable to prevent challenges further down the line
  • Ensuring accurate assignment of scope and fee to properly price projects with well-allocated resources, avoiding disputes over additional costs during project execution
  • Understanding how to write and dissect proper RFPs to ensure clarity of expectations and facilitate optimal contracting arrangements

10:10 am Speed Networking & Morning Refreshments

Ensuring Timely & Efficient Commissioning

10:50 am Implementing a Robust Commissioning Schedule to Overcome Tight Timelines & Avoid Shrinking Commissioning Activities

  • Diana Herrera Capital Project Delivery, BioMarin Pharmaceutical


  • Determining realistic durations for each commissioning step
  • Developing a commissioning schedule intricately tied to construction milestones to ensure sufficient time allocation for commissioning
  • Continuously monitoring commissioning progress to allow for real-time tracking and ensure commissioning stays on track

11:30 am Driving Transparency Across the Commissioning Process to Optimize Sequencing With Project Partners


  • Grasping the nuances of different systems and understanding the specific integration points of a project to ensure all systems are commissioned correctly for functionality and execution
  • Coordinating trades and encouraging trade partners to take ownership in the commissioning process to optimize resource allocation and enhance overall acceptability
  • Implementing a systematic approach to monitor progress that doesn’t isolate scopes to support project transparency
  • Allowing proactive project oversight from all parties to reduce the likelihood of change orders during construction

12:10 pm Lunch

Collaborating Early for Optimal Project Scope & Relations

1:10 pm Panel: Bringing Commissioning Teams on Early to Reduce the Risk of Rework & Solidify Project Objectives


  • Building a robust plan through construction to ensure smooth knowledge transfer and harness the value delivered by commissioning providers
  • Integrating commissioning activities into schematic design to minimize the risk of unexpected challenges, resource allocation or cost
  • Identifying and addressing potential issues at an early stage to streamline project progression from design to commissioning

1:50 pm Highlighting Effective Communication Strategies to Clearly Articulate Expectations & Requirements

  • John Bates Senior Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Quality Manager, Pepper Construction Group


  • Developing strong negotiation and leadership skills to align members with project tasks, influencing positive outcomes
  • Conducting high visibility team meetings to clearly communicate project progress and minimize misunderstandings
  • Establishing an effective communication plan between owners, contractors, designers and commissioning firms to prevent any stages being overlooked
  • Exploring the tools and software that can help drive a more collaborative and iterative commissioning process

2:30 pm Afternoon Refreshments

Overcoming Supply Chain & Quality Control Bottlenecks

3:00 pm Market Specific Audience Breakout: Working With Vendors to Understand Equipment Availability Before it is Set to Be Shipped Onsite


This networking session will be a time for all attendees to split into groups based on the markets you serve, as well as those interested in meeting and networking with those in specific markets, to discuss the biggest challenges posed by supplier shortfalls, common items with long lead times, alternative equipment and how to optimize procurement and plan for delays.

Data Centers Life Sciences Healthcare Advanced Manufacturing 

3:40 pm Understanding How Commissioning Agents & Contractors Can Work Together to Improve QA/QC During Construction

  • David Howard Sr. Commissioning and QAQC Manager, Skanska USA Building


  • Having a comprehensive overview of QA/QC processes during the construction phase, focusing on on-site inspections, issue identification and resolution strategies
  • Emphasizing a more robust factory witness test to improve quality control process during manufacturing, minimizing delays from faulty equipment
  • Exploring ways to track and manage issue resolution to ensure collaboration between commissioning agents, owners and contractors

4:20 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

4:30 pm End of Conference Day One