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7:00 am Check-In & Networking Breakfast

7:40 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Synergizing Project Dynamics Through Collaboration & Communication

7:50 am Owner Panel: Adapting Commissioning Practices to Diverse Markets & Project Requirements to Tailor Approaches to Their Specific Needs


  • Understanding the nuances of the OPR to align commissioning with our diverse expectations
  • Equipping teams with insights on cost implications, differing processes and best practices in various sectors to effectively navigate different market-types
  • Recognizing the shifting dynamics of project teams to make strategic adjustments in communication and effort allocation

8:30 am Building Strategic Partnerships to Optimize Team Dynamics & Elevate Collaborative Commissioning Services

  • Joe Dillingham Director of Quality and Commissioning, Stream Data Centers


  • Vetting teams based on experience, resources and regionality for optimal project alignment
  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of each team member for smoother project dynamics
  • Developing relationships across project stakeholders for comprehensive engagement in every stage of a project
  • Discussing the value of collaborative training efforts between commissioning firms, contractors and owners to build well-coordinated inter-company teams, strengthening the value of your commissioning services

9:10 am Cultivating Excellence Through Continuous Improvement in the Commissioning Process to Ensure Long-Term Competitiveness


  • Emphasizing the importance of a proactive and improvement-driven mindset to actively seek opportunities for refinement and maintain quality of service
  • Establishing structured feedback loops to gather insights from each project to analyze strengths and weaknesses and utilize this feedback to enhance future commissioning methodologies
  • Integrating continuous improvement practices into standard commissioning processes by providing training and resources that embrace improvement

9:50 am Networking & Morning Refreshments

Exploring Tech-Driven Horizons & The Future of Advanced Commissioning

10:30 am Fireside Chat: Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Commissioning Processes to Transform Building Lifecycles, From Design to Performance Enhancement

  • Brett Farbstein Associate Vice President - National Commissioning Services Leader / Resilient Design Champion, Cannon Design


  • Exploring the extent to which AI can be utilized in commissioning, such as documentation creation and how much it will transform commissioning processes
  • Transitioning towards smart buildings with self-correcting capabilities to reduce human intervention and maintain optimal building conditions
  • Understanding what quality control measures should be implemented to protect yourself from potential AI mistakes

11:10 am Case Study: Exploring the Possibilities of Web-Based Commissioning for Improved Efficiency


  • Leveraging cloud platforms for web-based commissioning to streamline documentation and collaboration to accelerate the commissioning process
  • Understanding the hurdles of web-based commissioning and how we tackled them on our project
  • Exploring possibilities of a web-based commissioning standard to help with deliverables like reports, schedules and specs to optimize the documentation process

11:50 am Lunch

Building a Resilient & Secure Foundation for Ongoing Operational Success

12:50 pm Audience Discussion: Collecting Data for Operational Success


  • Examining how commissioning data, generated through a project lifecycle, can be strategically utilized during building operations to enhance building maintenance
  • Delving into the importance of system integration for aggregating disparate data sources into a user-friendly format for building owners to improve efficiency of operational daily tasks
  • Implementing real-time commissioning data feedback loops for immediate issue identification and resolution to ensure ongoing operational efficiency

1:30 pm Case Study: Exploring Monitoring-Based Commissioning for Increased Energy Efficiency

  • Amy Pastor Vice President, Sustainability, Exp Global Inc.


  • Providing real-time data on energy usage to swiftly address inefficiencies, reduce operational costs and enhance the lifespan of building assets
  • Understanding how we tailored monitoring-based commissioning to specific systems, infrastructure and energy requirements to address the diverse needs of different building-types
  • Providing insights into how we procured and established the roles and responsibilities involved in implementing monitoring-based commissioning software

2:10 pm Navigating Cybersecurity Challenges When Commissioning Building Control Systems


  • Highlighting potential risks introduced during commissioning to take proactive measures to eliminate risk and contribute to a robust cybersecurity strategy
  • Providing practical insights for effectively implementing cybersecurity measures into building control systems without compromising other security protocols
  • Addressing the need for collaboration between IT and Operational Technology networks to safeguard against cyber threats or other vulnerabilities

2:50 pm Afternoon Refreshments

Exploring the Future of Building Systems Commissioning

3:20 pm Maximizing Owner Satisfaction Through Comprehensive Warranty Reviews

  • Jan Wei Principal & Senior Associate, Stantec


  • Conducting in-depth reviews of warranties during the critical first year of operation to track and analyze issues
  • Exploring proactive approaches to issue resolution during building operation to minimize potential disruptions
  • Identifying additional touchpoints with owners or implementing extended warranty programs to foster confidence and reliability in your services

4:00 pm Unveiling the Future of Advanced Commissioning: Trends & Technologies

  • John Bergman Quality Support Manager, Power Construction Company
  • Austin Bredow Operations Leader - Building Sciences & Commissioning, Stantec


  • Understanding how the commissioning community can continue to keep up with growing demand, market pressures and larger-scale projects
  • Educating the industry on cutting-edge software and technologies that continue to enhance a collaborative commissioning process
  • Providing insights into handling advancements in systems and equipment to foster a forward-thinking approach that accommodates commissioning in these changes

4:40 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

4:50 pm End of Conference One