Elevating Commissioning in a Commoditized Environment to Stand Out as Expert Partners

Time: 4:00 pm
day: Pre-Conference Focus Day


In an era where commissioning practices are becoming more standardized and commoditized, distinguishing your unique value proposition is crucial to stand out in a highly competitive landscape. Gain valuable perspectives on differentiating your offerings, highlighting your organization’s distinctive advantages and navigating the challenges posed by an increasingly standardized commissioning environment.

  • Emphasizing unique competitive advantages and value propositions your organization offers to ensure owners recognize the value add of your services
  • Debating the difference between checking boxes and providing a tiered, high-value commissioning service to uncover the nuanced differences
  • Stressing a focused approach on the end goal of commissioning to deliver fully functional, optimized and performing buildings that align with the owner’s vision
  • Implementing an owner-centric approach that goes beyond standard commissioning practices to solidify long-term relationships or win new business