Attracting & Hiring Talent to Build a Highly-Skilled Commissioning Team & Overcome Current Skills Gaps

Time: 11:30 am
day: Pre-Conference Focus Day


With an ever-worsening skilled labor shortage, it is paramount for companies to attract and hire top talent to meet high capacity and stay competitive. By attending this session, discover how to proactively meet your company’s commissioning requirements by creating a plan to attract and hire the most qualified commissioners.

  • Exploring creative recruitment strategies that understand differing motivations of potential employees to ensure a better cultural fit and higher job satisfaction among employees
  • Discussing the importance of tapping into different skillsets and demographics, such as field experience, veterans and minority groups, for a robust commissioning workforce for successfully navigating diverse projects • Engaging with schools and promoting trade careers to increase awareness of commissioning as a rewarding role and create a pipeline of future talent
  • Cultivating a positive employer brand within the commissioning industry: how can you showcase a rewarding yet challenging work environment to attract top talent?